Photographing Yarn Colors

Photographing my yarn samples with a Colortrax color card for reference. My thinking is, if you have a copy of the card, you can adjust your monitor to match, to see accurate yarn colors.  

I shot the pictures by setting a custom white balance with the color card, so the color is consistent.  Next time, I'll have to use manual exposure/shutter speed to insure consistent brightness, as well.

The name of the yarn is under each photo set.

Key West Karibbean Kotton Yarn in DK and Worsted weights.

Jaggerspun Heather

Jaggerspun Superlamb

Tamm Estilo

Tamm Cottontale 8

Tamm 3 Ply Astracryl

#1-2   Jaggerspun Maine Line

#3-5   Jaggerspun Super Fine Merino

#6-8   Jaggerspun Zephyr

#9-12   Jaggerspun Green Line

#13-16  Tamm Cotton Perle

#17 - 20  Tamm Petit 2/30

(My blog interface turns out to be not so great at rearranging groups of photos, so I'll try sorting them before uploading next time.)

Please note: I'm not selling or endorsing these yarns or the color card.