Mechanical Tide

My friend Marta recently captured this photo of University of Chicago grad students playing with my sculpture, Mechanical Tide, in the lobby of the James Franck Institute. It's been on display there for 7 years now. 

The marbles shift in interesting patterns until they don't. So someone has to reset them from time to time to keep the pattern going. Apparently this group of grad students has taken on the role.

Seeing this photo reminded me of an interview I did for the podcast, Everything Sounds, two years ago, about Mechanical Tide (note the clever episode title). I remember being really tired and loopy that day, so when the podcast came out, I couldn't bring myself to listen to it. So I finally listened to it today. And... it put a smile on my face. I guess being loopy is not so bad.

We taped the interview in the UofC lobby where the sculpture is installed. I hadn't seen the work in 2 years, and discovered the note (above) taped to it. A couple of tour groups came through while we were taping-- I had fun listening to them try to explain this large moving object in their lobby (and then, "Hi-- I'm the artist!"). Maybe I should visit my artwork more often.