Knitted circuit: blue rectangle, orange line

I crafted this small circuit from bus wire, solder, SMD LEDs, resistors, transistor, and an ATTiny45 IC.

I programmed the Arduino to create the flicker effect and fade out, and used shellac to isolate the bus wire where necessary.

Lighting and photographing LEDs (esp surface mount!) is a challenge. Some notes for next time:

  • Turn the auto focus off and the macro setting on.
  • Set white balance to outdoors for LEDs
  • Lots of light + high F stop = wide depth of field
  • Clean clean clean the back drop
  • Use Highest quality setting, makes it possible to zoom in and crop later
  • Maybe try a neutral density filter?

A few things I learned tinkering in Photoshop with these pics:

  • Sharpen tool is awesome. More of that.
  • Bring blown-out LED color back by using magic wand to select color (non-continguous). Sample size 3x3, tolerance of 10.
    Image adjustments menu> hue/saturation. Select the color under the second drop down menu, adjust the saturation for it.