ATTiny84 & the Tiny Programmer

I like programming my ATTinys with the Tiny Programmer. (How can you not love a tool the size of a stick of gum?) But I couldn't find info for mapping the pin connections for the ATTiny84. So I did a little research. Here are the connections:

ATTiny84  --->   Tiny Programmer

  • 1  ---> +
  • 14 ---> -- (minus sign)
  • 4  ---> (unlabeled)
  • 7  ---> 0
  • 8  ---> 1
  • 9  ---> 2

Works great. 

I mapped the connections by comparing info for programming the '84 and '85 with an Arduino Uno.  Then I made my own chart, posted below.

The first 3 columns list the pins by the traditional IC pin numbering system. The 4th column is for the Tiny Programmer, which has the Arduino pin numbering printed on it. 

FYI, on the '84, pins 7 and 8 should not be connected to a circuit while uploading code. (This is true of 5 and 6 on the ATTiny85, as well.) This can be annoying if you have to pull wires out of your breadboard every time you program. I found an alternative was to simply disconnect pin 14 (ground) each time.

[6/12/16 ETA: A reader asked me if the resistors and transitor pictured on the breadboard are necessary for programming. They are not. They are there because I was testing out this circuit.]